Turkey Launches 5th Generation Fighter Jet TF-X


Turkey has launched fighter jet TF-X at an airshow at France. Turkish authorities say that this would be operational up till 2025. It can carry Meteor missile which is one of the best missiles of Europe. Ankara got S-400 Anti-ballistic Missile Défense System from Russia instead of American PATRIOT-PAC3.

This led to scraping Turkey off from F-35 program of the USA. The US Department of Défense has to stop inducting Turkish pilots for the training of F-35. However, the F-35 is sleeker in design but Turkish TF-X competes with other 5th generation fighter jets manufactured around the world. With 60,00 pounds maximum take-off weight and the top speed of Mach 2.0, it is faster as compared to F-35. The experts are concerned with the ability of Turkey to manufacture these jets.

President of Turkish Aerospace Industries said,

Turkey’s participation is indeed a good addition to the queue of countries producing 5th generation fighter jets as it will enable the buyers, which might include Pakistan in the coming years”.

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As Turkey has been an important supplier of parts of F-35 and can build a TF-X but some challenges like the demand of these jets are beyond from manufacturing. Many buyers of these jets require topographical settings according to their areas which may become another challenge for Turkish Aerospace Industries. These jets will provide an extra choice for future buyers which may include Pakistan.

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