Top 9 Qualities of a Good Web Hosting Company

(Sponsored) What are the features of a good Web Hosting Company? What to consider while choosing  a Web hosting Company for your website? All these related questions will be discussed in this article. Here are some key points that can help you categorize a web hosting company as good or bad.

good web hosting company
  1. Bandwidth

Bandwidth is usually confused with storage. But these two things are different. Bandwidth is the amount of data that the visitors to the site use for downloading and uploading the content. A good Web hosting company charges you with the specific amount of MBs consumed. Moreover, compare the bandwidth of hosting companies before buying any web hosting plan.

  1. Storage

The storage that a Web Hosting company provides also plays a significant role in the success of your website. First of all, you need to find out how much storage you will require for your website. For small and medium websites few GBs of storage is enough. Moreover, some hosting companies offer unlimited storage packages. Hence, read the details carefully and choose the plan that suits your website requirements.

  1. Customer Support

The hosting company must provide technical and customer support. A good hosting company provides 24/7 customer service. You can check the live chat, call, email, and social media availability of the hosting provider. Moreover, many companies claim 24/7 support but don’t guarantee an instant reply. Therefore, you need to cross-check before signing up to any company.

  1. Domains and Subdomains

A good hosting company also offers domains and subdomains. If you are starting a business for which you will also require a blog, then sub-domain will be your net need. Therefore, think broader and find out how many domains and sub-domain are offered by the hosting company from a single account.

  1. Security and Backup

Nowadays hackers, bugs, and disk failure can cause website data loss. Therefore, it is important to have a proper backup system. A good hosting company offers backups and secure the website. Verify the security levels of the hosting company and never compromise on website security.

  1. Good Reputation

Reputation plays an important role in the case of web hosting. Find out what other customers say about a hosting company. A good hosting company provides support and gains positive feedback from the clients.

  1. Uptime 

The website is accessed by people all over the world. Uptime makes your site available to the visitors. Therefore, the uptime offered by the hosting company should be 99.99 to 100%. Reduced uptime will make the visitors leave your website. This will ultimately result in a huge loss.

  1. SSL Certification

Another good quality of a hosting company is that it provides a free SSL certificate. This certification secures the website, data, and all the sensitive information. Moreover, the visitors also trust websites with SSL certificates. So, make sure the Web hosting you are going to choose offers SSL certification.

       9. Email Service

The formal way to build contact between the website owner and client is email. A good hosting company provides multiple email accounts. Choose the hosting company that offers quality services to facilitate your company.


The development of an online business significantly depends upon the hosting. Therefore, choose an appropriate hosting for your website. Never compromise on the hosting provider. Cheap rated hosting is not always qualified. Therefore, compare the features, packages, and rates offered by the web hosting company before making any purchase. 

The qualities of a good hosting company include security services, better uptime and bandwidth, email services, customer support, and a good reputation. Before signing into any hosting company consider all the above-mentioned features. 

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