Dark Web And What Are Its Consequences?

What is the Dark Web? And What are the Consequences of Using It?

Dark web The dark web is a part of the Internet with sites that are only accessible through a specific web browser. It is used to keep high Internet privacy that can... Read more »

10 Rapidly Growing Electronics Brands of Pakistan You Need to Know

1. Audionic Audionic official brand of Pakistan – speakers, headphones and more! – audionic – the sound masterAudionic is the #1 audio brand in pakistan. they deals in speakers, home theaters, trolly... Read more »

Top 10 best Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan

ONLINE SHOPPING Online shopping was once considered a scam because it was not common and seemed impractical. However, the uncertain waves of COVID-19 have made people believe it as they have tried... Read more »
top youtubers in Pakistan

Top Youtubers of Pakistan & their impact on buying behaviour about Gadgets

YouTube, as a platform, continues to grow, and marketers are looking for new ways to integrate.Their brands with high-profile YouTubers in terms of number of users to potentially influenceTarget for individuals. Since... Read more »
Invents Device

Say goodbye to finger pricking! Iqra Uni Student Invents Device That Measures Sugar Level Without Blood

Iqra University students have developed a glucose-measuring device that has correct glucose results while not having to prick and eliminate blood from the patients. The device additionally helps in measurement of heartbeat rate. Muhammad Faizan has named this device as a ‘non-invasive blood test’.... Read more »

Facebook Eavesdrops your Voice Messages and it is Scary

Recently, many people have asked this question multiple times on different groups skeptically: I see many advertisements on Facebook related to the product I was discussing with my mother the last day.... Read more »
Naya Pakistan

NADRA begins Registration process of Naya Pakistan Housing Program

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has launched the registration process across the country under Naya Pakistan Housing and Development Authority Project titled, ”A home for every Pakistani at low price; in easy... Read more »
Arm License

Here’s how to obtain computerized arms license from NADRA

National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) and Interior Department of Punjab have joined hands for a new computerized system that makes it easy to renew your existing arms license or cancel the arms license if required.... Read more »
Tech Based Ride Hailing

Why are Tech Based Ride-Hailing Services More Popular in Pakistan?

Recently, ride-hailing services like Uber and Careem can be found in nearly every major city in Pakistan, effectively giving taxis a run for their money. But while they’ve been gaining market share... Read more »
Qeemat Punjab App

Qeemat Punjab app provides great relief, Over 50,000 downloads

Qeemat Punjab app developed by the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) is gaining momentum as the citizens in the provincial capital are increasingly turning towards the mobile application for information-related services. Over 50,000... Read more »