Say goodbye to finger pricking! Iqra Uni Student Invents Device That Measures Sugar Level Without Blood

Iqra University students have developed a glucose-measuring device that has correct glucose results while not having to prick and eliminate blood from the patients. The device additionally helps in measurement of heartbeat rate.

Muhammad Faizan has named this device as a ‘non-invasive blood test’. It took him year’s of exertions and analysis to develop this technology. This manual device includes an infrared device, LED, photo diode, IC and alternative circuits.

The device will build a distinction within the lives of individuals with polygenic disease. Currently around thirty to forty million folks suffer from polygenic disease in West Pakistan. It’ll build the blood tests manner easier for those that have to be compelled to check their glucose levels quite often.

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Another sensible factor regarding this device is that it’s economical, cost around solely Rs. 1500. The device contains a spherical box with infrared diodes and sensors. Once someone puts a finger on this box, light falls on it and LCD shows the glucose level.

Faizan started developing this device 2 years past beneath the steerage of Dr. Irfan Anis.

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