PUBG! Is game ban an option? Unfolding the truth

pubg game
“There’s a moment… In your bones when… When the fire takes over… Blood is running… Heart is pumping… As the battle gets closer… Ooh, they can say what they… want now… Ooh, ’cause we’ll be screaming out”

The unstoppable song in the background and you’re playing your favorite game.

What a perfect combo but no more in Pakistan (At least legally) #ykwim

On July 1st, after getting lots of complaints, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority issued a notification to put a temporary ban on the Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), an online battle game, for being “addictive”, “violent” and bad for children psychological health.  I don’t know what more is coming up.

If this sounds cool to you, I am 100% sure you must be a parent or friend of a hardcore Pubg player.

Maybe the news brought a sigh of relief and grin to your face, and you’ve started thinking you have removed a toxic game from your child’s life. Now he’ll pay attention to the studies, home, and chores.

But Guess what?

Your child is still playing the game 😀

Don’t believe me?

Go and check on them.


Gaming Industry is one of the top growing industries all over the world. In Pakistan, where the opportunities are already a few. Banning games will only add to the misery as many young people make their careers or grow in this field. 

We are by this time lagging in science, media, and technology and are far behind than other developing countries in many aspects. People may not be aware of how people invest money in it and how it generates revenue to any country. There are worldwide gamers who solely earn by gaming. Sounds Amazing?

After the press release from PTA, there’s bashing going on at Twitter. Where a lot of people are happy after the ban, there are people who have lost their only source of entertainment or money or both.

So, come, let’s see how pubg has an impact on the lives of people.

This one sounds legit.

At least we can agree on it.

The ones who are happy after the temporary ban.

The Other side of the gaming

To the naïve playing video games sounds like more of a time-wasting hobby, nothing productive, but those who are in professional gaming know that it’s more than a game. When a gamer plays, he put his money, time, soul and aim to become the best at whatever he is playing.

Remember when out of nowhere we got the news (more like a success story) of “A Pakistani”, who won an international game?
Yes, Sumail Hassan. What was he? A Gamer. A DotA player. I would love to add that he is an inspiration for us all (without any doubt).

I hope you would have heard about the recent gaming championship arranged by Mountain Dew (in April 2020) in the name of the Dew Gamers Arena 2020 Pubg Tournament in partnership with Jazz. In light of this, Big brands are promoting the gaming culture, providing a platform to the gamers to showcase their skills and giving them an opportunity to avail the benefits. Since the time is changing, shouldn’t we change our mindset too?

Everything comes at a cost with both good and a bad side. We’re always ready to own others’ achievements, but we’re never prepared to contribute in any. We’re never there to support anyone during the struggle. We never opt for the solution or model that defines a path and timeline to use anything positively. If something bothers us, we go for immediate threats or complete bans.

Parents’ Responsibilities

Hereby, I would emphasize on the fact that Parents should be mindful of their children.  Firstly, they shouldn’t give mobile or PC to their kids without monitoring as you never know what your child is playing or watching over the internet.

Also, make sure to devise a schedule for your kids, along with fixing their gaming and studying time. For this, you need to spend time with your kids, teach them values along with the good and bad sides of everything. Treat them as your friends rather than young beings so they can freely communicate their concerns with you. A child brought up with the right values, and confidence will never opt for suicide.

Parting Thoughts:

Recall the YouTube three years ban a few years back. It didn’t make any significant change to the YouTube itself but our Youtuber community suffered from it. When the world was growing and making the most of the open YouTube platform we were using proxies and generating no revenues. Again, we’re making the same mistake by sticking to the “BAN culture.”

Banning something never works, Nonetheless, it has the power to make something more powerful and desirable. Obviously, those who want to play will switch to VPN or other means.  Because in the end, we all know that “where there is a will, there is a way”!!   

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