Progress for Pakistan and AI technology – the inauguration of Project Am’aan!

The ubiquitous influence of Artificial intelligence (AI) in this automation sphere can not be neglected. Each and every country around the globe strive hard each day in order to bring improvement in their technical knowledge. This is the reason why Pakistan has taken a step forward by launching the Project Am’aan today at the President House (Aiwan-e-Sadar). Launched by President Dr. Arif Alvi, it is said to be the world’s largest Artificial Intelligence-driven database.

The aim of this project is to aid Pakistan in eradicating illegal money transfers. Pakistan is indeed suffering from the crucial issue of Money laundering which has greatly influenced the reputation of Pakistan globally in a negative way. In order to fix this issue, the government previously created multiple apps. However, almost all of them brought zero results because of loopholes within the apps that could be easily breached.
Mr. Tajjamul Hussain, the founder of LFD expressed his delight over the newly created app, terming it as the first data bank which kept an eye on the people involved in drug dealing and money laundering. He further added that other countries are asking us to get this app sold to them.

Planning on to sell this app with a made-in-Pakistan label, this new project will help bring investment in the country. Capable to update data in less than 10 minutes, the efficient AI technology is mingled with the best-advanced features. Whereas more features like facial recognition and the smart search will be added soon for the betterment of Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF). Law enforcement agencies can also benefit from using this data in order to catch money launderers and improve their policies.

“We are now monitoring more than 200 global government agencies and have tagged more than 100 drugs and 20+ chemicals that are involved in the production of narcotics,” Hussain said.

This newly created app will bring a favorable change within the social fabric of Pakistan. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below.

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