PM orders to build mobile app to tackle child abuses

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed relevant authorities to build a dedicated app “Mera Bacha Alert” to tackle the abductions and disappearances of children in the country.

The application is directed to be created within two weeks time and it will be connected with Pakistan Citizen Portal to keep a record of the case and share it with all the law enforcement agencies . The decision was taken after getting a briefing about the recent incidents.

PM Khan said that their government will take every possible measure to reduce such cases in the country. “Those found involved in such heinous crimes will be given an exemplary punishment.”

According to the details, after the registration of a missing child on the application, the details will be provided to the provincial inspectors general of police (IGPs) and other senior officers through it.

Chunian incident is one of many cases that made the government take this decision, Prime Minister said at the cabinet meeting, that “investigations into cases of immoral and unpleasant incidents with children have been hugely successful, and that success will help reach other accused involved in such malicious act”.

The Prime Minister also said that “many unpleasant incidents related to children do not get reported because parents avoid disclosing them due to social and other reasons.”

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