Pakistan to get 36 Dassault Mirage-5 Fighter Aircraft from Egypt

Dassault Mirage-5 Fighter Aircraft

Pakistan Air Force is signing a deal with Egypt for Dassault Mirage-5 combat aircraft. The addition of these jets will bolster its squadron strength especially amid tensions with India.

The negotiations for the this deal have almost finalized. The Mirage V aircraft were retired from Egyptian Air Force and Pakistani Air Force (PAF) will induct them into service after extensive refurbishments in Mirage Rebuild Factory with modern Italian radars and other electronics.

The Mirage V jets offer helmet-mounted display, effective night strike capabilities. Initially Pakistan will be upgrading a few of these aircraft before deploying them fully into service and making them action-ready.

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The Mirage fighter jets are supersonic attack aircraft’s developed by the French manufacturing Dassault Aviation. Mirage 5 is capable of carrying lethal and sophisticated weapons to destroy targets with precision. It has a combat range of 1250 kilometers while they can operate at the maximum speed of 2350 kilometers per hour.

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