Time to Invest in Pakistani Startups in 2019 and beyond!

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Are you looking forward to investing in Pakistani startups? You have plenty of options then. Pakistan is establishing its ways in the entrepreneurship fields. People over the country have been engaging themselves in investing in startups. No worries, the investments are safe and profitable We’ve listed some authentic points to convince you to invest in Pakistan’s startups.

Having a Fourth Fast Extending Economy

According to data insight, SECP enlisted 1070 new organizations in September 2018. This step indicated the more than 90% of the organizations enrolled in the nation were Small-to-Medium Enterprises(SMEs). Since Pakistan is already running a $1 billion freelancing market, therefore it is said that Pakistan will have an advanced developing economy worldwide by 2030. These SMEs add to 40% of the nation’s $305 billion GDP.

Government to Offer Loans for Startups 

Pakistani startups, investing in startups, incubators in Pakistan, startup investors in Pakistan, entrepreneurs in Pakistan

You might want to invest where the government helps its people without any problem, right? Pakistan’s government is helping local entrepreneurs by providing them loans of $20,000 with an interest of 8% cost including a year’s effortlessness, while 50% of the lone is assigned for ladies business people alone. To support foremost growth in the economy, the Federal Government finalized E-commerce policy framework.

LUMS and IBA’s efforts

Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) and Institute of Business Administration (IBA) are offering programs for entrepreneurs in Pakistan. According to Jamal Khan, inventor of Software House Arpatech, the main focus is to develop a progressively productive business ecosystem in the nation.

Working in Vast Fields

It can be seen all over the world how fast Pakistan is progressing in terms of technology and business advancement. For instance, 12,500 Pakistanis are working in the silicon valley aptitudes to mechanical headways occurring over the globe. Through this, the nation’s economy would be enhanced if the working organizations will move up to setting individual businesses. 

PITB Smartphones’ Advancement 

Pakistani startups, investing in startups, incubators in Pakistan, startup investors in Pakistan, entrepreneurs in Pakistan

Punjab IT Board(PITB) is authorizing people to work through smartphones. Custom applications are brought into use to report the water levels and spread awareness regarding diseases. By executing robot calls and alarming SMS, the PITB has likewise operated a Citizen Feedback Model as a proactive measure to check defilement, strengthen the administration and client commitment.

According to Oliver Samwer of Rocket Internet, in Pakistan progressing an enterprise is 20% harder but has the same vibe as Germany. He sounded confident and wants to transform Pakistan whatever it takes. However, it can be possible if investors come up together for investing in startups.

Where to Invest Money in Pakistan?

Online markets are growing up all over the place and reanalyzing business in each industry. It has also been stated that startup investors in Pakistan love to invest in online markets. We’ve magnificent examples currently running successfully in Pakistan. 

Daraz.pk was a project of Rocket internet. Today, Alibaba express bought rocket internet and now have an excess to daraz.pk which runs in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Nepal as well. 

Another Pakistani entrepreneur was behind the successful launch of Careem and gave a tough time to Uber across the Asian countries. As a result, Uber bought Careem to sustain its profitability. 

China’s Collaboration for the Best Investment in Pakistan

CPEC is doing wonders in Pakistan. It’s also supporting Pakistan’s socio-economic market. This will transforms Pakistan into a whole new world of digital connectivity, and an unstoppable feature for global investors. People of Pakistan would be able to understand the concept of buying power and mindset, leading to more investment in Pakistani startups

Business Incubators in Pakistan to Boom Pakistani Startups

There are incubation centers set all across Pakistan to mentor the startups. For example, The Nest i/o is a technology incubator collaborating with the Pakistan Software Houses Association (PASHA).

Dot Zero is a tech incubator that teaches entrepreneurs to work in peace and cooperation among each other. 

After all, it’s 2019. Everything is advancing. Hence, it’s indeed the best time to invest in Pakistani startups. What do you think about this? Ready for investing in startups? 

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