Future of Electric Cars- A Closer Look Towards Electric Vehicles in Pakistan

Over the past few years, the sale of electric cars worldwide increased dramatically, which clearly highlight the demand of electric-vehicles (EVs) worldwide. Eco-friendly transportation options has pushed automakers to invest more in Electric Vehicles (EVs) than ever before. Electric cars use power stored in electric batteries to drive the cars, hence they completely abolish the conventional engine & fuel, which adds to the air pollution. 

Opportunities for Electric Vehicles in Pakistan?

Pakistan govt. launched its first electric vehicle policy in June 2019, The Ministry has set 100,000 vehicles sale target in next 5 year and aims to increase the number to 60,000 electric vehicles sale annually by 2030.

In an electric vehicle policy conference, PM’s Adviser on Climate Change, Malik Amin Aslam stated that smoke emitting vehicles cause environmental pollution. He added, an electric car would decrease oil imports and would open more business opportunities in Pakistan. He reminded people the technology would lessen the demand for oil and the country can save 2 billion yearly, reducing the pollution by up to 70%. 

The Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts and Accessories Manufacturers (Paapam) has announced the plan of introducing Electric vehicles (EV) and battery vehicles (BEV) in Pakistan.

Moreover, the Nishat group of textile mills has joined an agreement with Hyundai Motor Company to establish a car assembly plant in Pakistan. CPEC has also highlighted projects that would focus on companies producing Chinese electric vehicles in Pakistan.

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We’ve listed some benefits of driving electric vehicles in Pakistan.  

How Electric Cars are better

Electric vehicles are a clean supply of energy and provide a fuel-efficient commutation possibility as compared to traditional combustion engine vehicles. With ever increasing fuel costs in Pakistan. during this current situation, shifting from a conventional vehicle to an electrical vehicle may well be a perfect selection for motorists on a good budget in Pakistan.

Besides their effectiveness as a low-cost commuting option, EVs also offer an eco-friendly alternative to the combustion engine vehicles. With more EVs on the road, the air quality in Pakistan can improve significantly over a period of time.

Eco-Friendly:If we look closely, we’re destroying our environment. Engine combustion cars release toxic emissions that affect the ozone layer and even people’s health. An electric car has no exhaust releases. Hence, it is an eco-friendly asset. People would be able to lead a good healthy life by not inhaling any hazardous exhausts discharges in case of driving phenomenon cars in Pakistan.

Use Solar Energy:Electric cars run on charging. We can install solar energy panels instead. A solar panel with at least 10 solar instruments can provide much energy to run an electric vehicle. People would be able to drive carefree on a sunny day. However, if it’s not a sunny day, you can always make your way towards a charging station.

Save Bills on Fuels: Lately, Pakistan’s petrol prices are getting higher and higher. An electric car can change such a situation in the country. Through an electric car, you won’t need to worry about petrol prices anymore as it runs on electricity. You would be able to save much money that you spend on filling up fuels in engine combustion cars every day.

Nevertheless, it’s indeed a positive step towards advancement in technology. Through launching electric cars companies in Pakistan, the future of electric vehicles in Pakistan sounds promising.

What do you think about this advancement? Share your views! 

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