FBR’s First Step to Digitalize the Taxation Process, Mobile App to be Launched Today

The sudden ongoing activity of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) in terms of holding people accountable for tax-paying is moving forward at a pace. Non-taxpayers and non-filers are especially at a watch and efforts are being made to make the tax paying system as transparent as possible.

In this regard, The Federal Board of Revenue has decided to launch a phone application designed specifically for salaried persons. Through this app, they will be able to file their income tax returns conveniently.

Chairman FBR, Mr. Shabbar Zaidi took to Twitter to confirm this news yesterday.

“Alhamdolillah, FBR will tomorrow launch a ‘Mobile App’ for filing return of income for salaried persons. Now return of income for such persons, including payment of tax, can be made using smartphones.” Tweeted Shabbar Zaidi.

According to the head of tax machinery, this move is progress in a right direction since Pakistan has been gearing up to break the monotonous shell of manual computing while planning on to automate and digitalize the whole taxation procedure in the country.

The main aim of the app is to aid the common salaried persons in submitting their own file returns without any obstacle and without having to deal with paid tax helpers.

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We can see the digitalization of the taxpaying system has just begun. FBR has been stressing on the importance of tax-paying from quite some time working strongly against influential persons, trapping them in the tax net.

We are keeping an eye on further details regarding the launch of this new app. Nonetheless, this smartphone app will definitely help in the hassle-free process for salaried class to file their tax returns.

The launch of this app is expected today and is indeed a progressive and constructive move towards the improvement of the problematic tax culture in Pakistan.

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