Fawad Ch. (MoST) announces to launch electric bikes and rickshaws aiming to protect environment

Fawad Ch

The minister visited Pakistan Council for Renewable Energy and Technology on 1st September 2019. During his visit, he had a ride on motorcycle and rikshaw which were operating on the battery. According to the minister these vehicles will be environment-friendly and will save energy.

Fawad Chaudhary said that these vehicles operating on the battery are the future and would bring revolution in the transportation of Pakistan that use rickshaws and bikes a lot. He also explained that the government aims at conversion of the transport to electronic technology which would reduce dependency on fossil fuels.

“Carbon emissions would be reduced in the environment by using electronic vehicles,” Science and technology minister said.

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Mr. Chaudhary also publicized that his ministry is going to introduce its brand of water bottles that would be supplied to government offices like PM office and GHQ in the beginning. He also added, that bottled water named Safe Drinking Water would have a low price as compared to other mineral water brands in the market.

The PCWR is one of the main research organization working under the umbrella of Ministry of Science and Technology has told a committee of parliament that all bottled water brands are selling “artificial water” instead of natural water in Pakistan earlier in July. This artificial water is not allowed to drink in many countries. The water bottled at a low price is connected to the austerity drive of the government, the minister concluded.


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