Online Shopping

Interest in Online shopping in Pakistan during Covid 19 and beyond

There was a time one would probably not have expected online shopping to work well in Pakistan. But the change can rarely be managed let alone denied. Even in a country that... Read more »
e-check post

Punjab Govt. to setup e-check posts at all entry/exit points in Lahore

Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) has started construction to build e-check posts at all entry and exit points said an official on Saturday. According to the spokesperson, the PSCA has finished building... Read more »

Pakistan and China Signs Memorandum to Improve Assistive Advanced Technology for Disabled People

Technology has always been facilitating when it comes to such common spheres of life as health and well-being. The immense influence technology has posed over this sector is commendable. Having said that,... Read more »

Government wants PayPal in Pakistan

After the approval of Pakistan’s first-ever e-commerce policy framework, PTI’s government once again formed a parliamentary panel to work on bringing PayPal and other online payment services in the country. The US-based... Read more »

State Bank approved NayaPay to operate as EMI in Pakistan

The State Bank of Pakistan issued an in-principle approval to NayaPay Pvt. Ltd. to operate as Electronic Money Institution (EMI) in Pakistan. NayaPay an EMI will enable customers to open e-money accounts... Read more »

Faiz Arbab makes Pakistan proud by developing the world’s first voice-operated wheelchair

Faiz Arbab, an engineering student at the Lahore University of Management and Sciences (LUMS) has managed to leave a positive impact in the world of technology by developing the world’s first-ever voice-operated... Read more »
PM Imran Khan, PM Tayyip Erdogan, PM Mahathir Mohamad

Pakistan, Turkey and Malaysia to jointly start English TV channel

United Nations: Pakistan, Turkey and Malaysia to jointly start English TV channel to counter the challenges posed by ‘Islamophobia’ The decision was made following a meeting between Prime Minister Imran Khan, Turkish... Read more »

Progress for Pakistan and AI technology – the inauguration of Project Am’aan!

The ubiquitous influence of Artificial intelligence (AI) in this automation sphere can not be neglected. Each and every country around the globe strive hard each day in order to bring improvement in... Read more »
tecno mobile

Tecno Mobile to Magnify its Distribution Through Partnership with Airlink Communications

While Tecno Mobile is a Chinese mobile phone manufacturer based in Hong Kong, Airlink communication is a global amalgam of Trading and Distribution with an intercontinental presence. With around 45 years of... Read more »
Mobile phones

FBR moves to slash up to 50% duties on import of mobile phones

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is proposed to reduce regulatory duty (RD) on imported phones. Overall tax collection will not be affected as lesser duties will encourage people to import more... Read more »