top youtubers in Pakistan

Top Youtubers of Pakistan & their impact on buying behaviour about Gadgets

YouTube, as a platform, continues to grow, and marketers are looking for new ways to integrate.Their brands with high-profile YouTubers in terms of number of users to potentially influenceTarget for individuals. Since... Read more »
Highest Paying Jobs

5 Most Highest Paying Jobs in Pakistan That Can Make You a Millionaire

In ancient times, there were very few people who were running after the money. But as soon as the luxury styles get into trends, people are now more fulfilling their desires by... Read more »

Highly Demanding Tech Future Jobs in Pakistan By 2030

Want to know high demanding technology future jobs in 2030? Since technology advancement is increasing rapidly worldwide. The days aren’t far when everything will be related to technology only, even future jobs... Read more »

4 Ways to Make Money by Sitting at Homes

Making money through only one job is not sufficient these days. With job offers being limited, the financial and social security, a fixed job used to give, is dissipating. Furthermore, women in... Read more »
Pakistani startups, investing in startups, incubators in Pakistan, startup investors in Pakistan, entrepreneurs in Pakistan

Time to Invest in Pakistani Startups in 2019 and beyond!

Are you looking forward to investing in Pakistani startups? You have plenty of options then. Pakistan is establishing its ways in the entrepreneurship fields. People over the country have been engaging themselves... Read more »
schooling portal

This startup is working on an all-in-one-portal for schooling in Pakistan

The vast majority of the educational institutes in our country suffer from one major problem: administrative mismanagement. Having a faster, smoother and more reliable platform for both a school’s internal management as... Read more »

Bykea raises $5.7 million in Pakistan’s largest funding

Bykea, a technology platform for on-demand transport and related services, announced today that it has completed a $5.7 million Series A round of financing from Pakistan’s first VC fund Sarmaycar and institutional investors from... Read more »
App for transport

An app for children safe transport, wins Startup Weekend Karachi 2019

The Nest I/O arranged a startup event called Startup Weekend Karachi 2019, where over 100 participants from diverse backgrounds and different ages gathered under a single roof with only one thing in... Read more » Raises Investment From LIVC in E-ticketing

Bookme Tickets (Private) Limited (Bookme), a leading Pakistani e-ticketing platform for transport and entertainment, announced today that it has closed a Pre-Series A funding round for expansion in Pakistan. The funding round... Read more »
invent hub

InventHub a Pakistani hardware startup, Secure its first investment from Billionaire Tim Draper

InventHub, a Pakistani startup for open source hardware just like GitHub that features a collaborative hardware design tool for electronics enthusiasts and developers, has recently secured an undisclosed seed investment from venture... Read more »