kamyab jawan programme

How to apply online for PMs “Kamyab Jawan Programme” for interest-free loans

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has launched the new “Kamyab Jawan Programme” across the nation to provide easy loan to the young population to help them start their own business. Rs100... Read more »

E-Challan: How to check and pay your traffic fine online

City Traffic Police (CTP) in collaboration with Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) under the directives of the Lahore High Court (LHC) has launched the E-Challan system in Lahore. E-Challan is an Electronic... Read more »

Here is how to avail your driving license online in Pakistan

Applying for a licence in Pakistan is always felt difficult for many individuals. Things got much easier and relaxing now with the ease of an online application system for the issuance of driving license. Pakistan Information Technology... Read more »

4 Ways to Make Money by Sitting at Homes

Making money through only one job is not sufficient these days. With job offers being limited, the financial and social security, a fixed job used to give, is dissipating. Furthermore, women in... Read more »
Arm License

Here’s how to obtain computerized arms license from NADRA

National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) and Interior Department of Punjab have joined hands for a new computerized system that makes it easy to renew your existing arms license or cancel the arms license if required.... Read more »
mobile phone

How to check your passport number for unlawful mobile phone registration

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) while briefing the federal cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Khan revealedthat the data of around 44,943 international passengers have been stolen to unlock illegal/smuggled mobile phones. Documents shared... Read more »
hacked phone

6 suspicious signs your phone may have been hacked

1. Noticeable decrease in battery life: While a phone’s battery life inevitably decreases over time, a smartphone that has been compromised by malware may start to display a significantly decreased lifespan. This... Read more »
Top 6 tips for dealing with Cyber Harassment

Top 6 tips for dealing with Cyber Harassment

“Cyber Harassment is the use of digital technologies with an intent to offend, humiliate, threaten, harass or abuse somebody.” Anybody can become a recipient of Cyber Harassment , regardless of how old... Read more »
Earn Money Online

18 ways to earn money online from your home

Economy can be unpredictable. Having a reliable job or an established business can both have their downs in a bad economy. But when you face an unexpected turn of events, there is... Read more »
hammer destruct phone

Would you be willing to self destruct your phone if stolen?

Ever wondered what happens to all your personal data if your phone gets lost or stolen? If your lucky, the only thing the thief is looking for is some quick cash. However,... Read more »