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Local assembled electric bikes are on the rise, offer 8 times less traveling cost

Due to ever rising petrol prices in the country, it is becoming more difficult for middle-class motorbike riders to afford them. It is high time for Pakistani,s to shift to electric vehicles... Read more »

Fawad Ch. (MoST) announces to launch electric bikes and rickshaws aiming to protect environment

The minister visited Pakistan Council for Renewable Energy and Technology on 1st September 2019. During his visit, he had a ride on motorcycle and rikshaw which were operating on the battery. According... Read more »
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Future of Electric Cars- A Closer Look Towards Electric Vehicles in Pakistan

Over the past few years, the sale of electric cars worldwide increased dramatically, which clearly highlight the demand of electric-vehicles (EVs) worldwide. Eco-friendly transportation options has pushed automakers to invest more in... Read more »
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This “Refillable” Battery Technology Could Provide 5000km Range for Electric Cars

A new type of electric car technology that uses a combination of battery and hydrogen power has an energy density so high it could allow a passenger car to travel over 5000km,... Read more »
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On electric cars and war clouds: Dr Atta-Ur-Rahman

There have been two major developments over the past month that are worth highlighting. Tesla, the electric carmaker, created history by surpassing the market value of the US motor giant Ford. The... Read more »