Moonlight Maze

Target information environment During the late 1990s, The Moonlight Maze attacks appeared as an immense form of cyber attacks directed towards the government of USA. The attackers gained access to plenty of... Read more »

Faiz Arbab makes Pakistan proud by developing the world’s first voice-operated wheelchair

Faiz Arbab, an engineering student at the Lahore University of Management and Sciences (LUMS) has managed to leave a positive impact in the world of technology by developing the world’s first-ever voice-operated... Read more »
tecno mobile

Tecno Mobile to Magnify its Distribution Through Partnership with Airlink Communications

While Tecno Mobile is a Chinese mobile phone manufacturer based in Hong Kong, Airlink communication is a global amalgam of Trading and Distribution with an intercontinental presence. With around 45 years of... Read more »

Pakistan’s Digital Realm in the Banking Sector

The world has come into a digital era where everything now happens on fingertips. Pakistan is finally catching up with the digital realm of this world. One of the perks of digital... Read more »

The World’s First Smartphone by Xiomi with 64-megapixel camera is all set to mark its appearance

In this technological arena, new advancements are being made each day. While one smartphone gets launched and becomes the center of attention, another shows itself up with better features diverting the attention... Read more »

Could 3D be the solution to building a habitat on other planets?

Space missions are developing at a rapid speed, as scientific research to find possible options of life on Moon and Mars. They consider it a future and the next step of evolution.... Read more »

Highly Demanding Tech Future Jobs in Pakistan By 2030

Want to know high demanding technology future jobs in 2030? Since technology advancement is increasing rapidly worldwide. The days aren’t far when everything will be related to technology only, even future jobs... Read more »

4 Ways to Make Money by Sitting at Homes

Making money through only one job is not sufficient these days. With job offers being limited, the financial and social security, a fixed job used to give, is dissipating. Furthermore, women in... Read more »
Electric Cars

Future of Electric Cars- A Closer Look Towards Electric Vehicles in Pakistan

Over the past few years, the sale of electric cars worldwide increased dramatically, which clearly highlight the demand of electric-vehicles (EVs) worldwide. Eco-friendly transportation options has pushed automakers to invest more in... Read more »
Pakistani startups, investing in startups, incubators in Pakistan, startup investors in Pakistan, entrepreneurs in Pakistan

Time to Invest in Pakistani Startups in 2019 and beyond!

Are you looking forward to investing in Pakistani startups? You have plenty of options then. Pakistan is establishing its ways in the entrepreneurship fields. People over the country have been engaging themselves... Read more »