Could 3D be the solution to building a habitat on other planets?

Space missions are developing at a rapid speed, as scientific research to find possible options of life on Moon and Mars. They consider it a future and the next step of evolution. Companies and research centers like NASA, SpaceX and other entities are pouring in millions even billions of dollars into this endeavor so that they can expand the earth’s footprint to another world, however, several challenges remain. 

Although the most crucial one is the development of habitual places that can support human life on the other planet. At first look, one can think of 3D printing as a solution that could extend an olive branch towards this endeavor as it promises cheap and actual on-site habitat-building. Moreover, cylindrical habitat-printing machines are in the works, and they’re using various types of materials to protect against harmful space radiation and fluctuating temperatures.

Al Space Factory with an ambitious team wanted to create a powerful proof of this concept which meant designing something out of thermoplastics as this would not necessitate the use of water as it is a valuable source on the other planet. After that, they deployed their 3D printer to a team of judges and demonstrated its strength and feasibility as a potential habitat-building platform.

Alas, it seems like the egg-shaped habitats created by 3D machines will be a way to go for otherworldly missions as they can hold the pressure of a pressurized life support system and provide shelter the astronauts would need.

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