10 Rapidly Growing Electronics Brands of Pakistan You Need to Know

10 rapidly growng brands of pakistan

1. Audionic

Audionic official brand of Pakistan – speakers, headphones and more! – audionic – the sound master
Audionic is the #1 audio brand in pakistan. they deals in speakers, home theaters, trolly speakers, earbud, airpods, wireless & bluetooth headphones, neckband & all accessories. this is growing brand of Pakistan they provide quality products at reasonable prices with a wide selection of the deals in speakers, home theaters, trolly speakers, earbud, airpods, wireless & bluetooth headphones, neckband


DANY Technologies is known worldwide for its consumer products and services. They pride themselves on their high-tech consumer electronic products like speakers, headphones, power banks, tablets and other accessories. They have a portfolio of hundreds of highly successful products along with services.
They believe in working together with their customers,

Serving the global community and responding creatively to the challenges of the future. DANY Technologies contributes to and empowers the IT and Electronics industry through proactive innovation and a customer-centric work ethic.They are using the latest technology with the best user experience available.

3. Hilink

Hilink has emerged as the fastest growing online brand for gadgets, Wi-Fi cameras and smart devices in Pakistan. Their aim is to bring the best Wi-Fi camera, earbuds and smart watches to Pakistan through an online shop. It is the best brand for shopping gadgets CCTV cameras and smart devices. They sell quality products with exceptional tech support. It is growing rapidly across Pakistan. they are planning to promote made in Pakistan products. They aim to be trendsetters in the consumer electronics industry and cater to the growing needs of consumers worldwide.

4. Varicool

Varicool is growing brand of Pakistan and they are offering Commercial Refrigeration Equipment, visi Chillers, Display Freezers, Deep Freezers, Multi Deck Refrigerators Display Counters, Meat Counters, Commercial Kitchen Appliances and more, VARICOOL has partnered with the Ambassador of Commercial Kitchen Appliances. And has provided the most convenience. A comprehensive commercial refrigeration and equipment supplier for supermarkets, butchers, dairies, bakeries, restaurants, pharmaceutical companies, frozen food manufacturers, soft drinks and bottled beverage sectors, petrol station tuck shops etc.


Faster is a well known brand and offers its customers high quality mobile phone accessories. If you are looking for Tez brand mobile phone products then they are expanding online selling brand for mobile accessories in Pakistan. They call them essential accessories because they enhance the features of your mobile phone to make it easier to use.They are a popular online seller and offer only authentic products at various prices. Different price tags allow you to choose the desired amount according to your budget and credit. They are a retail store and have the power to push mobile phones. From hands-free to headphones, power banks to mobile chargers, you will find everything in one place.

6. Space-tech

SPACE has become Pakistan’s favorite mobile tech gear and accessories brand. With its innovative, quality (yet affordable) products, customer-centric approach and on-point after-sales services, SPACE has established a trusted bond with its clientele across the country. They have always stuck to the vision of satisfying their customers in every aspect, and improving the on-the-go, mobile lifestyle.

Since its launch in 2015, SPACE has become a household name in Pakistan’s mobile and consumer electronics industry. Their product portfolio has evolved over time to include a wide range of power banks, chargers, cables, earphones, headphones, headsets and speakers.

7. Atalfa

ATALFA is Pakistan’s 1st Mobile Accessories Wholesale Dealer Online. ATALFA deal in all kind of mobile accessories Mobile Case, Charger, Handsfree, Headphone, Battery, Power Bank, Glass Protector, Charging Cable, Audio Cable, Speaker, Mobile Cover, OTG, USB, Card Reader, Memory Card.This gowing up fastly across the Pakistan . They not only provide the best products or attractive offers but also provide other benefits of online shopping to their customers, after all, it is their aim to have a good relationship with their customer.

8. Hktdesigns

HKT is one of the leading bands in the premium segment of the Pakistan mobile accessories market. Years of excellence in providing impeccable mobile phone accessories across the country. This fueled their passion to provide products that set standards for the industry and consumers. The range of HKT mobile accessories covers all aspects of mobile phone care including mobile cases, protectors, handsfree, headphones, adapters, batteries, Bluetooth, selfie sticks, power banks and adapts to the ever-changing world of technology. There’s a lot involved to keep up.

9. Ronin

Ronin brings consumer products with trendsetting technologies, features and trendsetting experiences that are implemented at the first price segment. Ronin is facilitated by the brand slogan “Never Compromise”, which represents the brand’s insistence on providing immense value to its valued customer. 7 years of growth has enabled Ronin to become a leading enterprise in Pakistan’s consumer electronics industry, and has always adhered to the philosophy of design innovation and practical aesthetic design. While they excel in tech innovation, their products include: power banks, chargers, car chargers, hands-free, cables, Bluetooth, speakers, replacement batteries, headphones, data storage and the list goes on.

10. Techtok

TechTok is a one-stop shop where you can buy a complete range of hi-tech products to add flavor and value to your life. They have a team of innovative and creative professionals who turn ideas into real-life products that are both stylish and practical.From wireless earbuds to smartwatches, they design lifestyle products to meet the needs of their diverse client base. Following the best industry practices, their premium products are manufactured using the latest technologies to help you enjoy comfort with the best features.

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